Fantasy Footbal RPG draft


My list of Design Ideas…random thoughts

  • Characters get a clone if they can pay enough fan mail, the cost does increase if they die multiple times. Characters can be retired.
  • I plan on a “Fan Mail” mechanic that the players can award eachother, similar to how Prime Time Adventures works.I am trying to make character creation fast, as the action will likely be deadly. Not certain if want some sort of “Clone” system for dead characters, or to make them face the defeat of death more readily.I am also thinking of a PvP aspect of the game where others players at the table can play as an opposing team in competitive events.
  • Players are thrown into VR simulations of classic wars that shaped to galaxy as it is….but that VR pod was actually a time machine, and the battles are real.
  • The camera bot needs to be kept alive, and bitches all the time.

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