Fantasy Football RPG Design Plan

So first, I am not going to call it “Fantasy Football” but that is what my first spark was when creating this game. Fantasy Football that is literally Football in a Fantasy World, and this is what it has evolved into. I have had a couple of other title ideas, but they become increasingly invalid as the project


What is the game about?

A far future scifi world where anything is possible with the assistance of either magic or technology. That got really boring for people so they decided to stop turn life’s cheat codes off, and actually bring a struggle back to existence…but in a controlled way.  So a game was created to entertain the masses. The game is Adventuring, and it is a huge success. The contestants fight their way through ever changing events, and often against highly skilled teams. The games change from simple elimination, to races, to old world sports like Football, and many more varieties. Off the field the contestants will have to deal with the social and political intrigue of the game, and the people that put the show on. In the off season the players are hindered to deal with various “Issues” that may have arose in the far corners of the Galactic Hegemony, as part of their off season training. The characters are basically used as SWAT teams to do the dirty work of whoever can afford them. And they are hopefully only their lives are taken advantage of when they work. Lots of games, lots of adventuring, and a whole lot of political intrigue.

How does the game do this?

Mechanically the game is broken up into a couple of different phase.

During the season there is the On Field phase where the characters are hired to play a structured game, this game functions similarly to that of a board game. It is meant to be fairly straight forward in its execution, but there many options for characters to manipulate the game they are playing by using their social connections to alter it for them. In the book there will be MANY examples of how to structure various different games for them players to try out and keep if varied.

There is also the Off Field Phase that the players will play through. In this phase the players will have a finite number of scenes they will be allowed to frame and play through. The players have equal control over this phase, compared to the GM, and his NPC’s. These scenes are used to set up future elements of a story, play through events like parties, press conferences, and shady backroom deals, and of course any sorts of dramas that come about during a campaign.

Then there are the Off Season phases of the game. These are meant to be much less structured in the way that they are played. During this phase there are GM and Player phases that we alternate back and forth between. In the GM phase a conflict is brought to bare against the players, its stakes will be set, and the conflict play out. In the player phase, players may attempt build up supplies for the next In Season session, and use their scenes to further their own goals.

How does the game reward this?

The structure of the game encourages players to build scenes where they can make new contacts, and win their affection, in order to manipulate the games in their favor, as they are always going to be stacked against you. The players will need to create complications in their personal lives, and dramas off the field, so that they have the mechanical rewards that will be needed to win the competitions.  And characters will always need to have their own self motivated goals, as you will not always have others to support you. One very important aspect of the game is that you will not always be able to control who is on the same team, so some times you will be competing against the other players.

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