How do I make it fun?

beauty-transhuman-2For my game Fantasy Football….How do I make it fun?

The details and specifics are still being worked on, but here is the idea.

It is competitive, players can actually fight eachother in the game, with few reprecussion. The only thing that matters in the end of a fight, is the amount of Fan Mail you got.

You have to have your plans! So many times in an RPG one or two people blaze the trail, and the rest just follow. If you do that here, your character will be taken advantage of. If focuses on a Realty TV Sport like “thing,” but what happens, and what you can accomplish is just as important in the game, as well your character actually plays the game.

The rules got fiddly bits! I consider that a benefit, I know that I like it. I want tactics, I want to lay plans and watch them come into play. I want things to do with my character sheet, props, beads, and tokens to keep my hands busy. I do not want to just keep rolling and getting a number, and hope my number was bigger than your number, this game avoids that……..through a series of cost benefit analyses.

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