Fantasy Football – Profession and Personality Themes

This is the draft of the list Professions and Personalities. The names of these are not meant to be permanently defined, they can and should be changed to represent what the player wishes. They are only there as guidelines.

PROFESSION THEMESCorn-On-The-Cob-Personality

Tactical Thinker

Ability: You may spend 2AP to survey the scene and study any Achievements in a scene. When you do all players gain a +1D bonus on any Achievement rolls in the scene.

Benefit: You are used to being in charge, and have people at your command. You create a number of Connections equal to your Coax. These are your people, they are loyal to you, and no one can spend wagers or use risks to make them betray you.

The Boss

Ability: You have authority; you are the one in charge. Work with the GM and the rest of the group to determine what you are the boss off. Create that Organization as a Connection.  Other players that take you as a Connection, and when they take debt towards you they must pay it off with Fan Mail.

Benefit: You have a Staff for less savory and tedious duties; you may take debt with your staff to remove any damaged or maintenance like Tag.

Trained Weapon

Ability: You have a Named Weapon and start with the Named Weapon Power.

Benefit: Your reputation as a warrior proceeds you. If you are ever in an antagonistic position toward another Player Character or a Named Connection, that character must set aside a number of dice into their Challenged Dice Pool from any risk against you equal to your Fight (or Shoot if your Names Weapon is ranged) -1.

Master of Information

Ability: You have a number of additional Connections equal to your Prowl that is always looking for information about other people for you.  You may take a point of debt with a Connection to make a Declaration about another person or Faction.  You may not use this ability on other player character.

Benefit: A number of times per session equal to your Know you may say that you know the events of any scene you were not a part of. You must declare this at the end of a scene.


Ability: At the beginning of a session you may make a prediction about a particular conflict that may occur during that session, and write it down on an index card. You must be reasonably specific; it is up to the discretion of the GM and the group if your prediction is valid. If it is, you may give a number of dice equal to your Detect to anyone in the described event.

Benefit: You may give your Fan Mail bonus to other players. When you do, you earn the XP, and other character gains +3AP instead of +2.


Ability: Once per session you may call upon a Connection for a Tag that they do not actually have.

Benefit: You have one more Connection, and ever session may call upon a Favor that another player must fulfill before the end of a session.  A Favor must be declared at the beginning of a session.


Ability: You may take a Stress inflicted upon any other player when appropriate. Reduce the Stress by an amount equal to your care.

Benefit: You got people that are always watching for you and those you work with. Take a number of Connections equal to your Care, and may give them Sponsor Tag.

The Inventor

The Operator

The Technician







Trigger: Whenever an opponent makes a roll against your Defense, whether successful or not, you gain +1AP

Likes To Succeed

Trigger: Gain +1AP every time you inflict stress on an opponent.


Trigger: Gain +1D to your Active Die Pool for every time an Ally in the scene takes a point of Stress.


Trigger: Whenever you fail a roll entirely you may add all of the dice to your Challenged Dice pool.


Trigger: At the beginning of a scene, choose one foe that threatens you. Every time that opponent inflicts Stress (not for every point) on you or another play earn +1AP.


Trigger: You gain +1AP for Stressing Out an opponent in a Scene.


Trigger: Choose one of the player characters; your character is in love with them. Every time that character takes a point of Stress you earn +1AP.


Trigger: Gain +1AP every time you take a point of Stress.


Trigger: Choose a Faction during character creation. You have sworn vengeance any other Connection that works with that Faction. If there is a Connection in a Scene that works with this Faction, you receive +2AP at the start of the Scene, +1AP for every point of Stress they do to you. If you fight them by yourself, this bonus goes to +4AP at the start of a scene and +2AP per point of Stress.


Trigger: Write one of your Dramas to reflect your Ambition. When you erase three “X” from this Drama you earn a point of Fan Mail.


Trigger: If someone spends a point of Fan Mail against you to either Charge a Drama or for a negative narrative effect, you get the Fan Mail afterwards.

Strong Character

Trigger: You have an extra Drama beyond the usual 3, and all of your Dramas may have 4 Charges stored instead of 3.


Trigger: You may anyone of your Connections against you instantly by lying to them. This erases any debt you have them…but, you know, they want to kill you know.


Trigger: When someone is lying to you, and follow through with believing their lies, all marks you would normally earn with Challenged dice, instead earn you Fan Mail.


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