Sharing an old Vampire the Masquerade rules hack I did years ago.

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Plot Currency


 +1 Dice to pool for any roll


 Re-Roll any roll

 Spend as a Willpower, or gain (energy) = 1 x Potency

 +4 Action Points

 +1 Dot to a power, +2 to a Stat, or +3 to a (Skill, Path, Willpower)

 When you spend a Style you gain 1xp

Action Points (AP)

 1st movement takes 1ap

 1st Action (dodge, attack, etc) takes 1ap

 Subsequent actions cost an amount of AP equal to it’s to action (i.e. 2nd = 2ap, 3rd = 3ap, etc.)

 Penalty to dice pool applies before you take the action

 Refresh AP = lowest appropriate stat.


 Defense is applicable to anything you can actively defend against

 Subtracts from total successes rolled


 You have a Static Soak Value to all damage, equals half your stat + misc. Round up.

 Physical = (Stamina + Armor Rating) + Fortitude

 Right under your armor E: (for everything), and B: (for bullets), and A: (aggravated), but your aggravated

Virtues / Vices (i.e. Aspects)

Play Unsafe! Do not make the most logical decision, they Storyteller should penalize you for this every time, and

reward you when you do not.

What do Aspects Do?

There are a number of ways that aspects come into being, and a number of ways they can be used during conflict

(whether that’s just a skill check during regular role-play or a specific roll in a combat sequence).


Any time you roll the dice, you could bring Aspects into play.

 You can invoke one of your own Aspects after you roll the dice. You narrate how the Aspect affects the roll and,

assuming everyone at the table nods assent and says that’s cool, you can add +2 dice to your roll or re-roll. You pay

a (style or willpower) point immediately.

 You can tag an Aspect on something else that’s relevant to the roll after you roll the dice. That could be an Aspect

on your opponent, an ally, on a scene or any other Aspect that’s relevant and not on your character. Take +2 dice

on your roll or re-roll. You pay a (style or willpower) point immediately.

You may only tag one Aspect on each related scope per roll:

 one Opponent Aspect

value is a modifier from stats like Fortitude

 one Character Aspect

 one Scene Aspect (if one exists)

 one Ally’s Aspect

 You can compel an Aspect on your opponent before you roll the dice. In this case you offer your opponent a deal

related to his Aspect: he can take the deal and one of your (style or willpower) points or deny the deal and give

you a (style or willpower) point. Outside of a combat sequence the deal can be quite free-form and it is a

negotiation between players and not between characters. You might offer the Referee a deal relating to an NPC, a

deal relating to an ally or most commonly a deal offered by the Referee to a character’s player. During a combat

sequence the effects of a compel are far more constrained (and dealt with in detail in the appropriate section).

 Players can put an Aspect on a character or scene with a Maneuver. Which is a simple skill check made against a

difficulty set by the GM that applies an Aspect to a scene.

 Get compelled!!! You have these Aspects written on your sheet, let them get in your way! And get rewarded for it.

Ways to Earn Style!

 Get your aspects compelled!

 Break ties in opponents favor

 Remove three dice from a roll

 Do stupid stuff that your character would do

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