Using Monopoly as a Turf War RPG

Monopoly-JPG_085632So I was reading through this thread…

And it got me thinking about the game I am working on.
The basic concept is that the game has a core set of stats and skills that carry across several “Mini-Games.” Some involve dexterity based mechanics like Jenga, or flicking tokens, or rolling dice into other dice, and in general lots of fiddly bits like tokens beads and other uses for Jenga blocks.

The game is a blast to play. You set up your “Episode Maneuver” and choose one of the procedures to start your scene off with, pass out roles (everyone plays at least 2 characters), and play through the scene. Sometimes there is a heavy amount of role play, sometimes you just play the game, which is fun in its own right. As I usually describe the game it is like playing a role playing game through a series of short board games. All of games come with their own little index card which contains the rules, and are super easy to understand. Everyone enjoys it, the games are super simple, but a lot of people complain about it feeling gimmicky, which I totally get. I am just not certain if that is really a bad thing.

Bad Example, but it may help to understand:
(premise)You are mobsters waging a turf war.
You play a couple of rounds of monopoly to see how much money you extort out of shop owners and various enterprises
You use the money to buy troops for a game of risk played over a map of the city
After a few rounds of risk the feds raid because you were double crossed by someone earlier on
You then play a game of connect four to piece your investigation together to find out who betrayed you

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