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Hand each person, including the referee, 4 index cards and reference to the drama creation rules. At the top of one of the cards write person ,  on another card write place, on another write event, and on the last write need. Now each person takes one of the cards, any card, and follows the rules for fleshing out the details of that card. During this process you will be asked to fill in bits of information to create the People, Places, Events, and Needs of the world you are about to play in.

Throughout there will also be reference to various different symbols (●, -, +, ®, X) this is down to keep the cards that are passed around organized. Each mark represents the last stage that the card was on before it get passed to someone else. So if you have a person card in front of you and the last mark was “-” you will know that you should continue the card with the “+” description. No description that you enter should be any more than 2 lines of text at the maximum, so keep it concise.



  1. Mark a “●” on the line.

Write down the name of an NPC you think is important in the setting. And then one single sentence of description, no more, no less.  Now pass the card to your left.


  • Write the description first, and think of someone that reminds you of that behavior
  •  Choose an Ethnicity on  (http://www.behindthename.com ) from a horribly placed stereotype
  1. Mark a “-” on the line.

On the card you just received write down a once sentence description of something bad that could happen to the NPC.  Avoid including too many details at this point, you are just worried about the event.  Now pass the card to your left.


  • Traumatic events (death of loved one, wrong place wrong time, accident, etc.)
  • Trouble with (the law, accomplishing a goal, pick jar lids, etc.)
  • Loss of face (dishonor, demotion, big screw up, etc.)
  1. Mark a “+” on the line.

On the card you card you just received right down something about the character, influenced by the bad thing in their life. This should be based upon how one thing led to another, and never negate the bad. If someone “Lost a leg in Nom” as their bad event they might get a replacement, but it had better be in prison after smacking around a few prostitutes.

Now pass the card to the player on your left.

  1. Mark a “®”  on the line.

On the card you just received you are going to right down who wanted, or wants, the bad outcome for that NPC. This could be something entirely new, or another NPC already defined earlier. Do not give them a motivation for the act, that will emerge in play.  Pass the card back to original player that started it off.

  1. Mark an “X”  with enough space for another number on the top right of the card.

Look at the wonderful and horrible things your players have done to this person…Do you like it? After the write down a number to show how much you like the idea. Once you are done place the card face down in the center of the table.  This matters you will find out why in a bit.

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