A real quick, and half finished Fate Hack

fudge-dice-320pxQuick Reference

Roll Stat

Roll 2d6 + verb + specialty (FP) + misc

0-6 = “No, and…”

7-9 = “No, but…”

10-11 = “Yes, but…”

12-14 = “Yes”

15+ “Yes, and…”


Opposed rolls are against the opponents roll. Add effect and resistance after victor is determined.

Fate Points and Experience Points

  • Spending a FP on an Aspect gives +1
  • Specialties give their rank
  • Earn 1xp when you hit your keys
  • Earn 2xp when keys put you in danger
  • Earn 5xp when your take a consequence from hitting a key
  • Earn a FP your aspects are compelled
  • Earn 1xp when you self compel
  • Earn a FP when you are Awesome
  • Award FP when others are awesome
  • Spend FP for +1 on Aspects, +x on Specialties to activate, compel others, and make declarations
  • Spend 2FP for a bonus die on the roll

Character creation


  • Write down your name and race and a brief description of personality and appearance.


  • Spend 10 points on you Verbs
    • Choose one stat to start at -1
    • You may decrease any two verbs to -1 for 1 advance each
    • Max of +3 on any Verb
    • Every Verb bonus must have another Verb one step below it (ie So a +3 means you will also have a +2, and +1 Verb somewhere else)
  • Write down 3 Specialty Aspects
    • These start at +2
  • Fill in your 5 core aspects
  • Write down your 2 Keys
    • Include how to hit
    • Include a buyoff
  • Spend 10 Advancement points
  • Starting Damage Thresholds
    • Stress 3, all others are 1
    • Increase Stress counts 2 advances.

Taking stress

If you fail on a roll any additional effect is then added to your opponent’s total roll. You add any appropriate defense to your total roll. Find the difference and take that number of stress boxes.

You may take a consequence to reduce the effect as needed.  Your opponents get to declare the description of the Consequence. Every time you are in a situation that your Consequence applies roll your harm die.

Your target may choose to remove your harm die from your pool to earn a FP.

Harm Dice and Bonus Dice

Normally you will roll 2d6

If you pick up bonus dice add them to your pool, and then keep the two highest.

Harm dice are rolled as a separate pool of dice, or as a different color in the same pool. Harm dice cancel out any regular die if their rolled value is the same. (ie Roll a 2,5,6 on your regular pool, and a 4,5 on your harm pool? The 5’s cancel out, you rolled a 2,6 instead)


Spend 5xp as an Advance

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