I basically recreated Prime Time Adventures without meaning to

PTA is probably better, certainly better written, but this is supposed to be design journal so here it is.



The GM will start every session with a conflict scene. Conflict is a loose term that can represent a daring chase, an assault on a mutant fortress, or a argument with your corrupt superior officer.  All that matters is that you immediately have a reason to straighten up and start grabbing cards.

GM Step 1

Start off with a dramatic description of what is going on and how each character is involved in the opening conflict.


Whoever declares their action first will go first and then they may choose a person to their left or right to go next. This order will be the default order for the rest of the session.

In later scenes whoever declares their action first will still first, but there will often be contention between who declared first. To resolve who will end up going first each contestant will secretly discard a numbered card from their hand. Whoever discards the highest value will go first. Ties resolve at the same time.


Every player describes what their character was doing previously in the series. This a prime opportunity to bring up how they are involved with the story at hand, and to reconnect to the events in the previous session. The point of this is to create as much drama and tension as possible, and in process create as many plot hooks as possible.


Look at your Dramas and tell the group how you plan on accomplishing at least two of them this session. After you have completed your description the group will tell you what Method and skill best fits the course of actions that you describe.

*Draw Cards equal to Method and Skill


Determine turn order.

Whoever goes last details their actions first, and draws cards accordingly, and assigns them to their sheet. Continue turn order and decryptions from lowest to highest. Now you may go back around the table and  players may re-do their actions. To redo your actions will cost half of their cards rounding down.

Place your cards on the appropriate space on the character sheet.

Resolve actions in order of initiative from highest to lowest.

Each character will take actions against other opponents involved in the scene and compete against their defenses.

If no defense is assigned the default is the  defenders Resolve.

Use no more than 2 cards per   action

The Effect is equal to the difference of the result.

Take stress or whatever is appropriate.

Drawing Cards

Draw cards equal to Method + Skills  + Each specialty that applies


All sorts of crazy things that break the rules.


Do Effect and keep any cards in your hand up to the method used.


Take all cards involved in the conflict into your hand, take stress, and a plot point.

At the end of the round discard down to a number of cards equal to twice your Method.


Take a “/” every time you fail a test or spend a Plot Point

Mark a “\” every time you contribute to yours or someone else’s story

For each “X” that you have at the end of a session take an experience point

Starting Stress

Equal to Method and Skill


Use Talents

Test against  Attack or Defend and it is contested.

Not contested if no opposition (environment or character)

Success equal to difference margin

Use a maneuver to create Scene Effects (bonus cards you have control over on a scene)

Once per scene you may spend a point of effect to charge a  drama


Take turns framing scenes.

Anyone may pay you a PP to interrupt.

Write the scene on a index card and place tokens (for characters and pp) and card on it


You can not use the same Method 2 rounds in a row

Character creation

Method 2, 3, 3, 4

Skills 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4

Specialties write down 5

Talents Write down 2

Write down dramatic aspects about your character\

Spending PP

Drawn an extra card

Keep a third card in a challenge

Fuel a Talent

Create a temporary special for the scene


1 xp to rewrite anything

5 xp to write a new specialty, maximum of 10

10 xp write a new Talent, maximum of 5

Xp = 3 x New Rank  to increase a Method

Xp = 2 x New Rank  to increase a Method

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