Coming full circle

So Vincent Baker made Dogs and Mechaton, and I felt Dogs was a huge influence (die mechanics) on Marvel, which I have been hacking into a Mech combat game…..gle1

I have no idea if I will actually complete this thought

Basic concept Pull dice from Stat (Force, Resolve, Wits, and Grace). Each stat modifies the other stats when rolled in opposition.

Then pull your die pool from (for a mecha game) Size (any color but the folowing), Defense (blue d6), attack (red d6), computer (yellow d6), and movement (greed d6). This is your base die pool, and it be modified much further by non-color coded dice. The trick is that your color dice are sort of like an action pool. You roll two red dice? Then you can make 2 attacks, (or keep a 3rd die on one attack) in the round of combat. Defense is what you use to avoid being hit, duh. Movement can be used to move, or dodge slow attacks like missiles, suppression fire, or melee. Yellow dice are used to make complications and assets.

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