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A real quick, and half finished Fate Hack

Quick Reference Roll Stat Roll 2d6 + verb + specialty (FP) + misc 0-6 = “No, and…” 7-9 = “No, but…” 10-11 = “Yes, but…” 12-14 = “Yes” 15+ “Yes, and…”   Opposed rolls are against the opponents roll. Add effect and resistance after victor is determined. Fate Points and Experience Points Spending a FP on an Aspect...

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Old World Creation rules

Elements of a Setting Person Place Event Need   Hand each person, including the referee, 4 index cards and reference to the drama creation rules. At the top of one of the cards write person ,  on another card write place, on another write event, and on the last write need. Now each person takes one of the...


Remember Dragons Landing Inn or Project CHUPA?

Well holy hell I found an old Angelfire website I did from years ago. And here is a Hypertext Resource Document I made for the CHUPA Role Playing Engine. I might run this some time again in the future.

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Sharing an old Vampire the Masquerade rules hack I did years ago.

World of Darkness 3rd Ed Rules Hack Plot Currency Willpower  +1 Dice to pool for any roll Style  Re-Roll any roll  Spend as a Willpower, or gain (energy) = 1 x Potency  +4 Action Points  +1 Dot to a power, +2 to a Stat, or +3 to a (Skill, Path, Willpower)  When...

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Using Monopoly as a Turf War RPG

So I was reading through this thread… /discussion/16959/what-could-be-the-sweet-spot-for-the-number-of-procedures-in-a-game#16959 And it got me thinking about the game I am working on. The basic concept is that the game has a core set of stats and skills that carry across several “Mini-Games.” Some involve dexterity based mechanics like Jenga, or flicking tokens, or rolling dice into other dice, and...

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A what if….(Rugrats)

I like the one about the Rugrats. Ever wondered just how Angelica could talk to the babies? Angelica is the only one who can talk to the babies because they are a figment of her imagination. She is spoilt, sad and lonely, because her Mother is constantly working and has no time for her. Her relationship with her...

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SciFi Noire Game

Concept Document CLUSTERS The first session of a campaign is used to create the setting and the characters. At the time of this first session it is not necessary to have a referee (what some games call the Game Master or GM). Everyone can have complete narrative authority over the pieces they will create. Designate someone as caller....

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I was playing Front Mission

Stats Pilot Force, Grace, Wits, Will You can focus on each stat, but switch your focus each round or step down the die. Each focus has a special effect. Force increases stress, Wits increases condition effects, Will decreases stress, Grace allows you to interrupt or refuse interruption. They also have strength over each other, steAPing the die up....

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Marvel Heroic, and online gaming

Been running a bunch of Marvel Heroic, and no one seemed to know about this. . If you are a fan of the Marvel Hero Role Playing game, and you are actually using to run a Marvel campaign, this website is a must read. They are constantly publishing truly top notch material to support the game. Like their current...