Sengoku Megagame ( after action report)

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I have never been so exhausted after “Playing a game,” as I am now. From the time and monetary investments it takes to put one of these things on, I must be a masochist.

The game starts off in a frantic rush of planning, and blowing through their money. Then there was some major confusion with how military movement and orders worked. Telling people is a lot different than showing people . This got resolved quickly enough, and deals were being made.

(need examples of military movement, and how to submit military orders)

Then the game goes for the next year and a half with some great stories and game play. Characters were getting assassinated, the Bakufu players were having a blast messing with people. And then some confusion about what the Bakufu could do. No one expected them to have that kind of power.

(control needs a better idea of what the Bakufu and Sohei can do)

Toward the middle of the game we started to notice just how cumbersome the combat mechanics were. They just took way too long to resolve a simple attack. Even with multiple control up at the map helping it was still taking most of a round to finish up.

(we need a way simpler combat mechanic, I already have one in mind, and it actually adds a little more depth to combat as well).

We had multiple clans get wiped out, but most managed come back in full force in quick order by making some deals/alliances. Other clans made some good and bad choices, seeing some more of the bigger picture than anyone else I can see what happened, where they gained and lost culture points, made advances or lost them. Not everyone is going to win in a game like this.

(there was a lot of frustration that not every clan was balanced with every other clan, as a designer and a fan of many games like Burning Wheel, I am not certain that this is at all bad, but it can definitely be frustrating for some)

(the control staff needs a simpler rules set, so there is less for them to manage, and they can have times to talk. We like all of the additions that the Sacramento game club added to the Sengoku rule book, but they proved to be a lot to manage in play. So we will be using a simpler version of their rules in the future. And there definitely needs to be some better guidelines for awarding culture points, some controllers were very liberal, and others were more strict.)

We definitely look forward to doing this again sometime soon, but for now I need some rest.



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