The cost of running a Megagame


Labels                          $45.39    Not all amounts include tax
Card Stock                 $13.87
Markers                     $28.78
Pencils                       $25.79
Index Cards              $12.13
Paper                          $15.49
Toner                          $279.90
Paint                          $22.81
Glue                            $5.99
Card sleeves              $21.23
Folders                       $23.70
Laminate sleeves       $23.91
Poker chips               $67.78
Money tokens          $27.26
Dowel rods               $11.54
Safety pins                 $11.38
The map                   $54.59
Map Figures            $34.93
Wood signs             $13.89
TOTAL                     $740.36

Cost per player (30) $24.68

(actual charge to “Break Even” for running the Sengoku Game on July 26th, 2015)

None of this, of course, includes the hundreds of hours of work.

I charged $7 a person to try and offset the direct cost to me, and my was it not enough. My next game I plan on charging $15 dollars a person, it is still not going to cover everything, but hopefully I will end up less in he hole, and a good portion of the items can be reused, but just as much has to be recreated from scratch. The rule books end up being the most expensive, it is almost $5.00 a copy for one of the books, and that is after all sorts of shopping around, and ways of cutting the price.

In a little over a month a friend is running Watch the Skies and is charging $40 dollars a person. This is to cover the cost of materials and the cost of renting the event hall.

Number one complaint I hear from people is the price to attend a Megagame. Hopefully this can give more people a bit of perspective on why we have to charge.





My game on January 31st


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