Megagame events being run all across the globe!

The up to date list.

Current as of October 16th 2015


A New Age Dawns     17th       Leeds           UK          Megagame Makers

WTS                 24th       Bellingham WA   USA         Bellingham Megagames

Washington Conference 31st     London          UK          Megagame Makers


Contact Light        7th       Smithtown NY    USA         Ironmark Games 

Dreams of Empire: The Steampunk Megagame
                     7th       Cambridge       UK          Dreams of Empire

Come to a King       14th      London          UK          Megagame Makers

From Beyond          14th      Boston          USA         Megagames United

WTS                  21st      Erie            USA         Lake Erie Megagames

WTS                  21st      Charlotte       USA         Be There Games

Invasion from Mars   21st      Cardiff         UK          Megagame Makers

Doomsday             28th      Southampton     UK          Megagames - Southampton

Sengoku              28th      Sheffield       UK          Pennine Megagames

Mirror State         28th      Cambridge       UK          Mirror State

WTS                  29th      Preston         UK          Dice n Donuts/ Preston Tabletop  


WTS                 5th        Tampa           USA         Megagame Society CFL

WTS                 12th       Brooklyn        USA         Megagame Society

January 2016

Sengoku              9th       Sacramento      USA         West Coast Megagames

Watch the Rising Sun
                     31st      Sarasota        USA         Sarasota Megagames

February 2016

Mirror State: Dark Phase  6th  Brighton        UK          Brighton Megagames

A Very British Civil War  26th Manchester      UK          Pennine Megagames

March 2016

WTS+                 19th      London          UK          Megagame Makers

May 2016

1866 and all that    21st      London          UK          Megagame Makers

June 2016

Guelphs & Ghibellines 4th      London          UK          Megagame Makers

July 2016

Watch the Rising Sun
                      7th      Orlando         USA         Sarasota Megagames

Spanish Road          16th*    London          UK          Megagame Makers

September 2016

Not Over by Christmas 10th*    London          UK          Megagame Makers

November 2016

Everyone Dies        12th      London          UK          Megagame Makers
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