Super simple and cheap table top gaming projector setup.


I was asked by  a few people about our setup at the gaming store, so I decided to make a quick post to show what it looks like.

I take a cheap $75 projector and connect it to my laptop. Then project it to the end of the table onto a piece of large foam core that rests on two dowel rod stands. All told it was maybe $100 after shipping for projector, cables, and stand.

  • I no longer have to worry about miniatures
  • Everyone can control the table through any web enabled device, even their phones.
  • I can work on the table and build the maps ahead of time without needing to have my dry erase map nearby and breaking out the markers
  • There are many maps already easily available online that I can just drop in and be playing on within seconds.
  • We get color maps, can show videos and images, rule books and anything else I need.
  • Was cheaper than the last box of assorted mini’s I bought off of ebay.

Some notes about what to use if you do this. I use roll20 to manage all the maps and assets as it is super easy for people to connect to and get playing. When shopping for project you want to make sure it has a NATIVE resolution of at least 1027×768 and 3000 lumens brightness. Higher res is of course better.

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