Super simple and cheap table top gaming projector setup.

I was asked by  a few people about our setup at the gaming store, so I decided to make a quick post to show what it looks like. I take a cheap $75 projector and connect it to my laptop. Then project it to the end of the table onto a piece of large foam core that rests...


Megagame Registration, Watch the Rising Sun, Save when you also attend Watch the Skies

When you attend Watch the Skies Megagame you can also save $5 on your registration for Watch the Rising Sun! (discount will not be applied after ticket purchase) [add_to_cart=397]   (Discount will not be applied after ticket purchase. Discounts available only until January 3rd. Refunds available until January 23rd. Discounts not available in stores. )


Megagame events being run all across the globe!

The up to date list. Current as of October 16th 2015 October A New Age Dawns 17th Leeds UK Megagame Makers WTS 24th Bellingham WA USA Bellingham Megagames Washington Conference 31st London UK Megagame Makers November Contact Light 7th Smithtown NY USA Ironmark Games Dreams of Empire: The Steampunk Megagame 7th Cambridge UK...


The cost of running a Megagame

Labels                          $45.39    Not all amounts include tax Card Stock                 $13.87 Markers                     $28.78 Pencils                       $25.79 Index Cards...


Stars Without Number / Hack (point buy, and character options)

Basically took the Feats and Talents from d20 Modern, and created a simple point buy system. Thought I would share it. SWN campaign Doc I dropped saves in the core book and instead used simple saves based on the primary stat. Characters get a default amount of stuff, and Build Points to purchase the rest of what they...


Watch the Rising Sun MEGAGAME Pre-Registation

Watch the Rising Sun MEGAGAME               Only click once. [add_to_cart=397] SAVE $5 WITH COUPON CODE WHEN YOU ALSO REGISTER FOR WATCH THE SKIES on December 5th, 2015 Add coupon code on the checkout page to your right. (Discount will not be applied after ticket purchase. Discounts available only until January 3rd. Refunds...


Cthulhu Murder Mystery Dinner (Port Charlotte, FL Saturday Oct 17th @2pm)

Who: The Doctor… What: Cthulhu Themed Murder Mystery Dinner When: October 17th 2015 (board games from 2-6pm, dinner starts at 6pm and runs until around 10pm) Where: My house in Port Charlotte, FL (check the meetup for directions) Details: Coming at least reasonably dressed the part is required, so to is a covered dish (or other appropriate food...


Sengoku Megagame ( after action report)

I have never been so exhausted after “Playing a game,” as I am now. From the time and monetary investments it takes to put one of these things on, I must be a masochist. The game starts off in a frantic rush of planning, and blowing through their money. Then there was some major confusion with how military...