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Super simple and cheap table top gaming projector setup.

I was asked by  a few people about our setup at the gaming store, so I decided to make a quick post to show what it looks like. I take a cheap $75 projector and connect it to my laptop. Then project it to the end of the table onto a piece of large foam core that rests...


An old hypertext version of True20 I made

My rediculously convoluted and hard to navigate combination of True20 and Mutants and Masterminds, with all content from the modern and future SRD. (is is funny you should ask, but yes I was single at the time) COMPd20


Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Classes I made

These are very old.  Alchemist (as in Full Metal Alchemist) GunSlinger (as in Roland from the Dark Towers novels) Street Rogue (basically a mobster mastermind kinda dude) TheAvatarD20 (as in the Last Airbender kind) VarDragonDisciple (just a few tweaks to make them better balanced)


Qwixalted Stuff

I loved the Jarvis version of Qwixalted, but reading the webpage was a pain the ass. So I compiled it into a PDF, cleaned up the character sheets, and make a quick ref doc. Character Sheets and Quick Ref Quixalted Character Sheet   Quixalted Rules Jarvisified Qwixalted (jarvis)


I basically recreated Prime Time Adventures without meaning to

PTA is probably better, certainly better written, but this is supposed to be design journal so here it is.   PREVIEW The GM will start every session with a conflict scene. Conflict is a loose term that can represent a daring chase, an assault on a mutant fortress, or a argument with your corrupt superior officer.  All that...


My rediculously complicated self calculating character sheet for Savage Worlds and Necessary Evi

Savage Worlds Self Calculating You are supposed to only type in the green colored sections, and everything outputs to the final page. Here is simple version (not calculating) that we have been using in a Savage Worlds game.


FATECore wealth system and Alternate Advancement  Rules for building and buying gear, and a system for XP.   In the above system players earn XP by spending Fate points. So anytime they spend one, I as the gm spend one, or even when charges on Advantages are spent, they all go into a bowl. At the end of the session I divide the...


The future of tabletop gaming…well at least I hope so!

So I just got gifted a 4 player bundle of the Battlemat DLC and the base game, by the developers for talking about the game. Which is awesome!   So I thought I would share it a bit more. I wish I could tell you more about it right, but I have not had the time to fully...


Combined Burning Wheel Reference Doc

Combined Burning Wheel Gold Reference Material   Every bit of reference material for the game combined into once documet.   Also “The Scribe” auto calculating character sheet adjusted for Burning Empires.


Camarillaville Stuff

I did not write original hack.  That can be found here. Camarillaville, part 1 What  I did do is compile this, and make the characters sheet, at was difficulty to read through website and print it. Download the PDF Camarillaville (2) Download the Pathways Download my Nifty Character Sheet CamarillaVille