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Stars Without Number / Hack (point buy, and character options)

Basically took the Feats and Talents from d20 Modern, and created a simple point buy system. Thought I would share it. https: I dropped saves in the core book and instead used simple saves based on the primary stat. Characters get a default amount of stuff, and Build Points to purchase the rest of what they want off...

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Old World Creation rules

Elements of a Setting Person Place Event Need   Hand each person, including the referee, 4 index cards and reference to the drama creation rules. At the top of one of the cards write person ,¬† on another card write place, on another write event, and on the last write need. Now each person takes one of the...

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Fantasy Football….Now calling it Whispers in the Dark (for reasons)

Whispers in the Dark Basics 12-6-14 So here are the basics of the game. All the basic die rolling mechanics, and character creation rules and options. Much more to come.

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Fantasy Football – Profession and Personality Themes

This is the draft of the list Professions and Personalities. The names of these are not meant to be permanently defined, they can and should be changed to represent what the player wishes. They are only there as guidelines. PROFESSION THEMES Tactical Thinker Ability: You may spend 2AP to survey the scene and study any Achievements in a...

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How do I make it fun?

For my game Fantasy Football….How do I make it fun? The details and specifics are still being worked on, but here is the idea. It is competitive, players can actually fight eachother in the game, with few reprecussion. The only thing that matters in the end of a fight, is the amount of Fan Mail you got. You...

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Fantasy Football RPG Basics

So after finally getting a chance last night to  work on this, I managed to clean this up and get it to a point where I am satisfied. This is only the basic die rolling conflict rules, and a character sheet. But those are the most important parts. A Simple Character Sheet and the Tent Card that goes...

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Fantasy Football RPG Design Plan

So first, I am not going to call it “Fantasy Football” but that is what my first spark was when creating this game. Fantasy Football that is literally Football in a Fantasy World, and this is what it has evolved into. I have had a couple of other title ideas, but they become increasingly invalid as the project...

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Fantasy Footbal RPG draft My list of Design Ideas…random thoughts Characters get a clone if they can pay enough fan mail, the cost does increase if they die multiple times. Characters can be retired. I plan on a “Fan Mail” mechanic that the players can award eachother, similar to how Prime Time Adventures works.I am trying to make character creation...

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Fantasy Football the Role Playing Game

So what I am thinking is a game where the “Combat” is playing a game of Football (or other sport), and the “Role Play” is press conferences and swank parties where you smooze to be-friend ref’s and managers for better pay and ods, and you play the manager to tracking spells and inventory. More to come.   ….I...