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An old hypertext version of True20 I made

My rediculously convoluted and hard to navigate combination of True20 and Mutants and Masterminds, with all content from the modern and future SRD. (is is funny you should ask, but yes I was single at the time) COMPd20

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A what if…(Inglorious Bastards)

Inglourious Basterds spoiler below. It’s well known that all of Tarantino’s films take place in the same universe – this is established by the fact that Mr. Blonde and Vince Vega are brothers, everybody smokes Red Apple cigarettes, Mr. White worked with Alabama from True Romance, etc. As it turns out, Donny Donowitz, ‘The Bear Jew’, is the...

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Coming full circle

So Vincent Baker made Dogs and Mechaton, and I felt Dogs was a huge influence (die mechanics) on Marvel, which I have been hacking into a Mech combat game….. I have no idea if I will actually complete this thought Basic concept Pull dice from Stat (Force, Resolve, Wits, and Grace). Each stat modifies the other stats when...

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Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Classes I made

These are very old.  Alchemist (as in Full Metal Alchemist) GunSlinger (as in Roland from the Dark Towers novels) Street Rogue (basically a mobster mastermind kinda dude) TheAvatarD20 (as in the Last Airbender kind) VarDragonDisciple (just a few tweaks to make them better balanced)

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Qwixalted Stuff

I loved the Jarvis version of Qwixalted, but reading the webpage was a pain the ass. So I compiled it into a PDF, cleaned up the character sheets, and make a quick ref doc. Character Sheets and Quick Ref Quixalted Character Sheet   Quixalted Rules Jarvisified Qwixalted (jarvis)