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SciFi Noire Game

Concept Document CLUSTERS The first session of a campaign is used to create the setting and the characters. At the time of this first session it is not necessary to have a referee (what some games call the Game Master or GM). Everyone can have complete narrative authority over the pieces they will create. Designate someone as caller....


FATECore wealth system and Alternate Advancement

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_s7AHDCtljfeGRCLTg0MzVsdlU/view?usp=sharing  Rules for building and buying gear, and a system for XP.   In the above system players earn XP by spending Fate points. So anytime they spend one, I as the gm spend one, or even when charges on Advantages are spent, they all go into a bowl. At the end of the session I divide the...